Thursday, 27 March 2008

A new blog

I've decided I need a seperate blog on which to bring my thoughts, and my voluminous notes, together by subject. See, therefore, BonAccordian.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Brief KWH

It would seem the CBBC website has a game called CRun in which the villain is "the evil Orwell".

More TV criticism

This time not Kathy Sykes, although her programme last night has interest in that it was a foot fetishist's dream come true. Not being one I was a bit put off.

No, this time it's Dr Robert Beckford, I think that's what he calls himself, who I've never liked. His previous programmes, at least those that spring to mind, are one claiming black American gospel music is descended from the singing of Hebrideans (whcih should make both Mull Historical Societies happy), the other advocating reperations for the black fellows due to slavery. He didn't mention when he'd been a slave. Or how many other retroactive laws he wants to introduce. Fine, rich black man being paid loadsamoney to spout drivel for Channel 4 wants a subsidy from me because he happens to be black and may or may not have an ancestor who was a slave while mine were serfs. And so on.


This time it was "The Secrets of the 12 Disciples". They haven't really got any, of course.

Peter he says wasn't ever in Rome, it's just a groundless tradition of the Romans. Could be. I'm a protestant, you know. Then he says Thomas was really in India based on almost identical evidence.

James and John got the treatment.

But the worst was Judas and women. He felt to need to peddle his misinformed beliefs about female teachers in the early church (unusually crediting St Paul, who banned owmen from teaching, as egalitarian in chief). That's what he is, a PC thug.

Judas, he says, was misunderstood. All down to a mistranslation apparently. Should say that Judas "gave up" Jesus, not "betrayed". Oh, only gave him up to his enemies, then. No betrayal. Good. And how lucky we are to have a man who seems hardly able to speak English lecturing to us on how incompetent centuries of linguists have been. But wait! Surely betray and give up mean the same thing, as when a hunter or military man betrays his position by making too much noise, say. And surely Jesus, when saying one of the Apostles is going to betray him (or whatever else) says it's a terrible and unforgivable thing. And surely Judas tops hissen from shame, hardly the actions of a proudly loyal servant.


I'm convinced.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lucid View

A link.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

More important, but less interesting

Bad news from Private Eye. The JobCentre+ is launching yet another idea to attempt to drive people off benefits by removing their dignity. Not my personal complaint, although today I was kept waiting and then moaned at, no it's a news story. They're trialling, in this part of the country although I haven't seen any, Israeli voice stress analysers to detect supposed fraudsters. I will decline to co-operate should to opportunity arise. Given my taciturn nature I think they'd be frustrated at any road.

The rightist Alex Jones surveillance state crowd don't seem too fussed about this.

Joe Lewis, runs an investment group called "Tavistock". Used to think of psychiatry when that came up, not I think of a building spattered with blood fronted by a van with Kingstar in the side. Lewis has lost upwards of a billion, possibly, of his own money on Bear Stearns. Bought about £1.2 at over $100 a share. Now $2 a share. Never mind. Carlyle Capital gone belly up, too. Wasn't expecting that. Something odd going on.

Joe Lewis owns Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Also, same dogs used by the police in the McCann and Jersey Haut de la Garenne cases. False positives. Psyop, maybe. Distract from abuse with fake corpses in Jersey, frame the parents in Portugal.

Bad dog, naughty dog, in your bed.

Until now I'd assumed the parents did it, but this effort by hidden networks to frame the parents changes things slightly.

Some unimportant matters

From the wiki:

John Hetherington was an English haberdasher who supposedly modified the riding hat of the day into a Top Hat, widening the brim and lengthening it. In 1797, he caused a riot in the streets of London. People are said to have run in terror, dogs barking, women fainting. The crowd broke the arm of an errand boy as they ran past. Hetherington was charged in court with wearing "a tall structure having a shining luster calculated to frighten timid people", and was fined £50.

And from the ever useful

Others believed that charging, hacking and tripping were important ingredients of the game. One supporter of hacking argued that without it "you will do away with the courage and pluck of the game, and it will be bound to bring over a lot of Frenchmen who would beat you with a week's practice."

He'd be saying I told you so if he wasn't long dead.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Alternative Kathy Sykes

Alternative Therapies.

BBC programme.


I don't like speaking ill of the dead. So it's really great relief that "Professor" Sykes is still alive. Alive and, indeed, somewhat nubile.

I remember the last series. Four episodes, was it? Three? One about acupuncture. One about faith healing. One about herbal remedies, possible including a bit about ayurveda, or that might have been the fourth episode. Conlusions: faith healing doesn't work, herbal remedies work sometimes and acupuncture works as a pain killer, if nothing else. But it might just be suggestion, hard to tell. Not done enough studies.

That's a bit of a mantra for the programme, in fact, not been enough research. No money in it, I suppose. At least some had been done on the herbal remedies. Those pharma corps have to get their drugs soemwhere, after all. The German government had put together the Commission E Manuscripts, just a list of plants and what they supposedly cure, along with references to the very limited amount of research done.

Herbal remedies are at least plausible. It's a well known fact that aspirin started off as willow bark tea and artemesinin, the malaria drug, is made from a weed. Originally it was a Chinese treatment, they found it in some old records back when they were communists. Tried a few dozen, in fact, but this was the only one that worked. Eventually the Americans found out about it, wanted some themselves, sent out botanical Bonds to climb every mountain and ford every stream hunting for the elusive weed. Found it. Eventually. In Washington DC, should've looked there first.

Where was I? Ah yes, this programme. Started a new series last night. Hypnotherapy this time. Same sort of thing, "not enough science" and so forth. I don't know what makes her an expert. Her caption on Breakfast was "scientist". Of course in this programme she interviews a "scientist" who's a prestidigitator. He convinces her hypnosis is just a heightened state of concentration by juggling for her, then the old which-ball's-in-which-hand trick. "They're in that one". Oh no, there's only one there! Well of course there is, he just threw one over there. So much for prestidigitation. No wonder he gave up and got a day job sciencing. Well, I say "scientist", he was a psychiatrist. A fraud, in other words. Your science is a lie, man, in it's entirety. "psyentist", I should call him. But I've nothing else to say about him, so never mind.

Another fault in the programme: they try to explain away hypno-phenomena by calling them mere "suggestion". Well, I think most hypnomen would admit that's exactly what hypnosis is, putting someone into a trance so they're in a very suggestible state. Hypnos, sleep. The suppression of the ego, the consciousness. I don't want to go back to the psyentist, but it's the opposite of his "extreme concentration" theory.

Mind you, it isn't "mere" suggestion. They recruited a man, a scientist from the University of Hull no less, to say that trances and hypnosis don't exist, some people are just suggestible and others aren't. Did a demo with some weak minded simpleton who either could be made to hallucinate very easily or lied enthusiastically to gain approval. The brain scan they did on him showed hypnosis and suggestion being clearly and massively different. Whoops, disproved everything he's been trying to prove. Off to the hari-kari man, it's the honourable way. Can't be worse than living in Hull.

The obligatory blood-and-guts scene. Dentist, marathon man style, no painkillers. No screaming either, just him droning on in an allegedly hypnotic way. Acupuncture episode: open-heart surgery with pins instead of needles, if you see what I mean.

They also peddled the myth that you can't be made to act against your normal will when in a hypnotic trance.

They went onto the placebo, which is a sort of mini-hypnos as the flash-bang stuff is macrohypnos.

Went on to the placebo. Wonderful is placebo. SSRIs might not work but placebos do. Ought to prescribe them. Used to, the doctors, but the pharmagov put a stop to that. Work better than herceptin anyway. That only got on the NHS through political pressure. Got this woman in, they did, gave her some money and sent her off to the TV studios to pretend she needed the drug to live and was paying for it herself because of the cheapskate government. Not true, of course. The NHS didn't pay for it because it wasn't licenced by NICE yet. Because it doesn't work. Three studies done, two show a wonder drug and are payed for by guess-who, the independent study shows the drug killing people off in numbers, not doing what it's meant to and giving heart disease too.

But the breast cancer women were on the march and the minister woman was only too happy to oblige. Assuming the drug doesn't kill them, a big assumption with this drug, every patient is about £100,000 a year for life to the company. For a poison, don't forget. It's a preventative drug, in theory, so it's a life long thing.

Placebo isn't worse than that, certainly.

Kathy Sykes tried to be hypnotised herself. Didn't work, she though because the camera crew ere distracting her. So the episode ended with her and hypno-psyentist going off into the sunset together (well, literally walking towards the camera on a grey afternoon across a suspension bridge, but forget that).

Her attempt at hypnosis was interesting, in a lascivious sort fo way.

She has a disturbing habit of sitting back with her legs spread wide apart and her hands in her groin. Looks like some pictures I once saw on the internet, but with clothes. Not many of those either, to be honest.

wiki says:

She is also a member of the Wellcome Trust's Public Engagement Strategy Committee.

Which rings very negative bell, although I'm not sure why.

Best picture I can find:


This from Glenn Sacks.

Fails to point out the disparity in health spending (8:1 in favour of women, according to Yvonne (Yvette?) Cooper, former (then current) health minister.

Also claims all research was once based on the white male. Truth is no-one wanted to test on women, too many hormones and trial-fucking variables. Besides, if they turn out to be pregnant and the baby is killed in a routine test they'll be sued to buggery. Hence testing was on men, and still is, less variables and less liklihood of suing. Not white men, mind. Must've never heard of Tuskegee, no women there.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Louai al-Sakka



Yes, it's amazing what a stay in the notoriously luxurious Turkish prisons will do. Makes you feel like a whole new man.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

In a very real sense

Deutchland, Deutchland, uber alles...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I wish to offer some. For the special status of Brighton, as Fairhall claims. It's not much, just coicidence some would say. It appears in the song "Pinball Wizard" as the opposite end of a journey from London. "From London to Brighton", sort of thing. Another piece of evidence: a child abuse type film of that name. And thirdly the Robert Rankin book "The Brightonomicon". That's it. Although it does sound slightly like "Be Right On", a avocation towards liberalism.

Sounds strange, but that's how psyops works. "Chewbacca the wookie", chew tobacco, rookie. "Obi wan Kenobi", obey, one can only. The new car advert slogan, "Aygo by Toyota". I go buy a Toyota.

Reminds me of something.

In order to be at one with the Static Cosmos, one must achieve a state of supreme stillness.
This state is known as Apathy.
The word APATHY derives from the Atlantean. A-PATH-Y. A meaning A. PATH meaning PATH. And Y being an abbreviation of WHY.
Quite literally A PATH TO THE MEANING WHY.
-- Robert Rankin, "The Book of Ultimate Truths"

I saw a mug marked "Eskom". Dresser Industries on the other side. Eskom logo is a sig-rune. Chrysler, I see, is a winged sun disc. Similar to the Cooper logo. Only just realised that. Don't see a lot of Christlers about.

There was some sort of rally yesterday in the Market Place, apparently. I walked through and didn't see anything, but I hear it really happened. This morning on the local news, in an area big and remote enough that the more backwards rural dwellers are subtitled during their rare appearances due to thick accents. OF course, I'm occasionally misunderstood myself due to my incomprehensible use of the English language. And the think, Middle English originated here. Oh yes, this morning, some local worthy from the business community was putting signs in his window about how great our troops are. Talking about how terrible all this abuse is. We don't normally have any troops around here. I saw a few yesterday, striding about in uniform, but this country has generally forgone a standing military force and when one has been present it's been resented, even in places like Aldershot and Catterick. So not many places have troops. It's not like America. So I doubt there has been any abuse around here, or anywhere else, as I said previously.

Today, vengeance. The big wednesday market was cancelled due to high winds, as if at the whim of a vengeful god.

To go back to the BBC's White season, the series about the English working class that tries it's hardest not to mention such odious people. There was a clip from the episode about the Polish working class in Poland and England on the radio last night just as I was turning it off after File On Four. It was the host, a middle-class London Jew, asking some local Cockneys if they wanted a job that paid £7 per hour. Yes, they said, until he told them it involved picking butternut squash. Unlikely in London, you might think. Evidently meant to imply they're a bunch of scrounging scum who are being rightfully superceded by the Poles who're willing to do the work. Such is the employers' viewpoint. People don't want to pick the rich man's crops all day? Get some Poles in, they'll do anything for a fiver! No Poles? Somalis then, better than having a limb hacked off. And there's always the Thai child slaves if all else fails.

Obviously, I don't see things from the employers' point of view. To me this indicates something different. That they ought to be paid more. People would be happy to do the job with the right pay and conditions. Prices would go up, but someone eating something like that can afford it. Maybe we'd be undercut by foreign butternut squash, although with current levels of government subsidy the farmers should be ashamed of themselves for thinking it. If so, who cares?

You'd be called mad in thsi day and age if you defended protectionism for cars or coal. But farming is supposed to be a different matter.

There’s this one celebrity, Rosie O’Donnell, a talk show host, and she said this: “I don’t know anything about Afghanistan, but I know it’s full of terrorists, speaking as a mother.” So what is this "speaking as a mother" then? Is it a euphemism for "talking out of my arse"? "Suspending rational thought for a moment"? As a rational human being, Al-Qaeda are a loose association of fundamentalist zealots who could be rounded up with a sustained police investigation. But speaking as a parent, they’re all eight foot tall, they’ve got lasers under their moustaches, a huge eye in their foreheads and the only way to kill them is to NUKE every country that hasn’t sent us a Christmas card in the the last 20 years!! Speaking as a mother.
-- Bill Bailey

He's alright, him.

Arthur, real historical personage or not? I think so.

Could be, anyway. Riothamus maybe. Irish, could be. Lowland Scotland, perhaps. Cerdic his son, you think? Annales Cambriae, convinces me.

Could be a bit of a myth. A bit fo both, perhaps. Two personages merged into one in the telling. Gwynhyfr, White Lady, bit of a goddess' name, is that.

Where was I?

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

In spite of all temptations... belong to other nations, he remains an Englishman.

Many a true word spoken in jest. Gilbert himself, who wrote those words, was born a foreigner and chose to be an Englishman. If I could be bothered I'd go into Sir Aurel Stein and the True Born Englishman, too.

The point being that it's not traditional for an Englishman to get nationalistic. These flag waving foreigners with their national holidays and waving of flags and so on, especially America, are rightly laughed at.

So, I'm not best pleased. The former Attorney General, who wrote two opinions on the legality of war in Iraq and said to Blair "pick one", has suggested it. The BBC has supported it, although Wogan was wise enough and old enough to stand against.

Ah, what is "it".

Well. The old AG decided all people leaving school ought to have to take oaths to Brenda and perform what was referred to as a citizenship ceremony involving a pledge of allegiance. Twats. All obsessed with being like America these New Labourites.

I was in a shop when I heard this one the radio and a customer said to another that it was "a load of rubbish", as to the royal family we should "get rid of 'em" as "they're German anyway". Filled me with hope. Brought a smile to my face. I like to hope this plan won't go anywhere.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Tax Moneys, well spent

I have received a letter from Her Majesty's department of Work and Pensions, although I do no work and have no pension. I have no pension but I do now have a letter from the department of work and pensions. Came in a nice bright yellow envelope, different, at least, to the usual brown envelope with bold black text. The envelope asks, would I like them to help me find the job I want? No, I reply. It wasn't listening.

Opening, it revealed a leaflet of no discernible content-value and what seems to be a square of tin foil glued to card. Very shiny. It bears upon its face the following legend:

Confidence Mirror
(Use Before Interviews)

1) Repeat "I'm a Tiger" 5 times, then roar.
2) Practice your parting wink
3) Check your teeth for stray items of lunch.

I have several problems herewith.

1) If you look like me a mirror is the last thing you need to give you confidence.
2) That should be "five", not "5", illiterate sods.
3) Ah, unemployment is down to not winking enough. Should've worked that out sooner.
4) Again, with teeth like mine lunch is likely to be the best part of them.

So there.

Friday, 7 March 2008

This never happened

A bit of a psy-op assault upon the local news here.

The news is telling me that the RAF commander local to Peterborough, anciently known as the Golden Borough and, unless my memory fails me, Medeshampstead, has ordered his RAF men not to wear uniform off base in case they're assaulted by protesters. There was a notable lack of any instances in which this has happened. People saying how terrible it is, hardly giving the impression of an old Saxon town taken over by violent pacifists. To look at the facts, this RAF man has given this order for no legitimate reason and it has been plastered all over the news blamed on the anti-war crowd.

Disinformation works thatly. Create outrage, blame it on your enemies.

The Prime Minister waded in. He would like our "servicemen to thank them for the work they've done". Doesn't quite parse, but literally he would like the soldiers to come and say thankyou to the anti-war protesters and the rest of us for our work. I don't expect any grateful soldiers soon. Work is perhaps only respectable if it sheds blood, like that of our brave boys in whatever-colour-it-is-they-were-for-camoflage-in-the-desert-and-the-Iraqi-urban-environment. Perhaps the soldiers really should be thanking the protesters, it was they who tried to stop the soldiers being sent to their deaths, after all.

Medals, too. A nice psy-op contrast. Story one: violent pacifists molesting our poor soldiers, calls for the police to use CCTV to track down the ne'erdowells, etc.; story two: Brenda (Queen) giving medals to local war heroes (cue officer claiming to have carried wounded man 800 yards *on foot*, emphasised a little bit too much).

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Huge Runes

Inspired by the news about the Blue Brain/Skynet system of brain-like computers and the potential of the new copper oxides for four-state semi-conductors I have been thinking. Is the name Gene Hunt some kind of psyop? I have mentioned the Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes TV programme before, the tesselated floors, the choice of death over life and illusion over reality by the protagonist of Life on Mars. Human Genome Project perhaps.

It is, of course, on the BBC which brought to us the infamous "Bring Your Husband to Heel". There was also some programme, in a series of programmes positing hypothetical situations like the world in two years immediately after peak oil, nuclear holocaust, etc., which was about the world if it was run by women. Yeah, bizarre, women would be the ones to have the choice of whether to work, their word would be taken more readily than men's in court, maybe there'd even be a government department named after them. Oh no, wait a minute. So much for "hypothetical".

Now the BBC have brought us "White Season", supposedly a series of programmes representing the White working class in Britain (who a BBC News article, in its usual role as advertiser for BBC documentaries, are feeling alienated). I haven't seen them, for they haven't been on yet, but I've read descriptions. One about Polish immigrants. White, I suppose, but not quite what I had in mind. Then there's one about a mostly BME (black and minority ethnic, the current PCism) area and how great racial toleration is. Terrific, but not really focusing on the white working class. Then there's a drama featuring an abused young girl finding solace in Islam and converting, by the woman who wrote that Channel Four drama "Sex Traffic". About sex traffic. White workers: convert to Islam is again, not quite what I had in mind. Then there's a programme about the racist BNP. At least it's about the white working class, even if it focuses on the racist element as an agitprop ploy.

Keeps the pikeys and chavs off the TV, I suppose. Three cheers for auntie.

From RI:

At or near a military recruiting office. The article goes out of its way to point out that the office has been the site of antiwar protests. The bomb was too small to cause much havoc, too bomblike to be ignored. Just enough to plant the antiwar activist=mad bomber equation in the minds of the Typical American Lemmings. What's next? Paying young hoodlums to go around calling soldiers in uniform "baby killers?"

With the Official Stolen Columbian Rebel Laptop Containing Hugo Chavez' Dastardly Plan For World Domination, this has been quite a week for fake news.

In contrast to the suicide bomber who blew himself up at 9/11 linked OKU, certainly a lot of coverage.

From RI again:

Bert Rodriguez was the personal trainer of Ziad Jarrah for a couple months in 2001, in Florida.

This is what one of Bert's army buddies said about Mr Rodriguez's abilities

Spiritual is the wrong word. He’s occultic. He’s like a walking embodiment of death. He can stop you at a distance. He can influence physical events just with his mind. If he catches your attention he can stop you without touching you.

Apparently, Rodriguez has no idea why Jarrah(who was using a defense contractor email address) personally sought him out, as he and al-Shehri were learning to fly at Rudy Dekker's and Wally Hilard's CIA drug connected flight schools.

Yes, I remember him from Jon Ronson's "Men Who Stare at Goats". He was the one who stared a goat to death. Then joined up with the war on Terror. Ziad Jarrah, of course, is not actually linked in any way to the 9/11 attacks. He may well have been just a passenger on the plane, not a hijacker, although the above militates otherwise.

Same thread has talk about Crowley, hypothesising him as a mere channel for greater forces, himself being clueless. Follows on from the Gurdjieff quote previous. Could be. Rankin's Hugo Rune, based upon Crowley, is a con-artist as much as a mysticist. Must trust Rankin's knowledge of the occult and intuitions thereof. As many a true word has spaken in jest, so many a truth has leaked through fiction. As with Lovecraft, but Ranking is more humourous.

And ben-fairhall, where to begin. I think of this:

Of great interest to me is Shanon's explanation for the transformation of the rod of Aaron- Moses's brother- into a snake. According to a bullet-point summary in today's Daily Mail, 'Objects changing into snakes are a common feature of hallucinations'; a fact which Icke, and others, have used to support the reptilian thesis.

So forth. The transmogrification of the rod into snake. See also the contest between Moses and the Egyptian magicians for more rod-into-snakery. I must say something about Moses, who I don't believe to be a derivative of Akhenaten or any such nonsense. It's a well known fact that the Egyptians of his day received requests for help from the peoples of the Levant for aid against invading "HBR", normally rendered Hiberu. Hebrew, presumably. Some have claimed it is otherwise, others that the Hebrews arrived in the Holy Land but this is simply to allow the common and groundless assumption that the Hebrews were in Egypt in the reign of Ramesses the Great. Also from an earlier time is the record of the Hebrews being wiped out in the Red Sea, a piece of Egyptian propaganda.

On the roddery: the snake represents sin, I believe you will find in your imagery of symbolism. The rod is wood, a tree. The accursed tree, one could say, although the same can supposedly be said of all the fruits of the earth. Sin on an accursed tree = Christ on the Cross. So is the prefiguration which I interpret in this happening. Not a metaphorical prediction, but an actual happening which prefigured another literal event.

Fairhall also mentions St Helier is connection with the Jersey business. The two most successful footballers of Channel Island provenance, Le Saux and Le Tissier (known as Le Tiss) both ended up playing for Southampton (Le Tiss being that rarist of things, a one club man). Le Tiss was an odd player, gaining popularity and becoming a hero through laziness and occasional spectacular doings rather than normal workmanlike activity. Southampton play at a ground called St Mary's, a new ground previously they had The Dell, which evokes Cottingley Fairies memories, in the suburb of St Mary's.

End Communication.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Bit of a flap on...

Non-Football Story Of The Day
'A TEENAGE girl whose "sleepover" turned into a drug-fuelled orgy which trashed her parents' house has bragged: "It was well good." Gemma Johnson, 15, left the comment on social networking site Bebo - which she had earlier used to invite people to the bash while her folks were away. Up to 100 people turned up and wrecked their £260,000 home. Partygoers told of seeing guests tied to the family IRONING BOARD and a foursome on the washing machine' - The Sun

Non-Football Quote Of The Day
"All thats dne is make everyone go 'wow ur party made the frount page'. "i mean it wasssss goooodddd - and my mums a tw*t nehowww" - Young Gemma, writing on the Bebo website after her escapades (did we mention that they also drugged the dog?) made it into the papers.

Wonderful. Make of that what you will. From the incomparable

Striking from RI:

We can almost think of the North Tower as male(the tall antenna) and the South Tower as female. Male/female duality; crumbling...and rising as singularity in 2012 as the Freedom Tower I believe the North Tower being struck first is also symbolic If we want to think of 9/11 in terms of sex magick, you have the very phallic Flight 175 being shown on tv over and over and over for days after going in and out of the South Tower. The Phallic 11 striking the 11 shaped tower would later be shown, but we were never shown the phallic 77 striking the 77 foot tall Pentagon

Rambo 3 was on the other night. Dedicated to the brave volk of Afghanistan.

I wanted to link to this, although my reasoning currently escapes recollection.

Tony Kaye. Brought to mind by an advert on Channel 4, he's done a documentary on abortion. I haven't seen it of course, but I don't consider it a great intellectual challenge to predict his inclinations. He was the owner of the limo (number plate: JEW1SH) in which Jon Ronson came to think the KKK may have a point about metropolitan elites. After all, there were two progressive and liberal Jews in a JEW1SH limo making fun of the KKK and plotting the future of the film industry. He was one of the few people Ronson met in that book not to be denounced as an anti-Semite by the Mossad-front-ADL. They denounced Icke, believing lizard=Jew, Bo Gritz believing CIA drugs=Jews, Randy Weaver, believing NWO means Jews and so on.

I am reminded of the official explanation for the uncapstoned pyramid on the American money note: that it is symbolic of and unfinished process, a repoublic still and always in the making. So it is here. There was no heroic bid for self-sacrifice, freedom or vengeance by the passengers of Flight 93, their were no phone calls saying "let's roll", the plane wasn't shot down. It was intended to crash to symbolise the ongoing nature of the work. It was a ritual, but it was not performed for its own sake, it was performed to engineer the future.

As you were.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Power of Nightmares

I had a dream. Not a good one. A dreams of tea with the Parsons and "little people" helping the abuildment of Scientologie, to use the original German name. Grey little people, liminal janus-like beings. Threshold, watcher on the. Waking up, I was, a liminal time. Terminus. Awareness during sleep paralysis, something I have rarely but occasioanlly experienced. Abyss. Choronzon. Abzu, the only Sumerian word to enter the English language. Where did I read that? Some book about Islam. The abzu was the under-sea upon which the world floats, I believe. The dark endless waters beneath the earth.

Ka. Egyptian soul, is it? A new age being, I hear. A type of car. Rhymes, isn't that clever?

Words. Once asked a shop assistant when the bog rolls were. "Toilet rolls?" Well, yes. Direct me to the quilted two-ply immediately, old hag.

I received a visit from two women in uniform the other day, the Wednesday morning. Alas, not misdirected strip-o-grams. Banged on my door whilst I was in a state of undress. They were interested in the bloke who lives across the hall, although I couldn't tell them anything. Apparently they came back later and bashed his door down, although I didn't notice it, or the wreckage which must have been mended quickly. That was the day, I believe, of the big Nottingham drug busts, might be related. Might not.

Pubs. Edric the Wild, Saxon revolutionary, supposedly recruited a fairy for his wife having come upon her in a drinking house. Didn't end happily, but it's the pub itself that interests me. The Norman chronicler disdainfully remarks that the English had such a place in every district. Indeed, the drinking house had a role to play in early English government, being able to issue weregild-boosting safe passages to people travelling through its jurisdiction, as Frank Stenton recounts in his long and otherwise unremarkable book.

I notice window areas in the world. Rankin makes a fictitious area of such a kind in the London borough of Brentford, but such places evidently exist. They seem to exist mostly on drug transhipment lines, but let's not confuse cause and effect. Paraguay is one, Florida another. The Afghanistan-Kurdistan region. London. Yugoslavia. Bavaria. Lebanon. Angola. Stories from today, the USAF is finding it hard to track and bomb the Taleban because they are hiding in Marijuana forests in Afghanistan, which can't be burned even with white phosphorous. In Paraguay Neal Bush, the fraudster and member of the Bush family, is giving a speech to moonies.

Latest ray post, Child conquering and triumphant.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Neglected a title.

Once again I awoke in the night to the sound of window frames rattling. This time not due to the effects of geological instability, but the raging of unseasonably high winds. Made it difficult to hear the TV which, coincidentally given the topic of my last post, was covering "The Perverted World of Mark Dutroux". Of course there was no mention of Nihoul, drugs or Gladio, but it was an interesting one anyway, a bit of the evidence for gendarmarie complicitude.

I didn't realise that Dutroux had himself once been a child prostitute. LeTourneau also was, of course, molested. There's a reason it's generational abuse, I suppose. They covered the number of mysterious deaths of witnesses before the trial, somewhat shallowly. No mention of the same thing having happened to Jeff K, and so forth.

“Gurdjieff treated him like any other guest until the evening of his departure. After dinner on Sunday night, Gurdjieff led the way out of the dining room with Crowley, followed by the body of pupils who had also been at the meal. Crowley made his way toward the door and turned to take his leave of Gurdjieff, who by this time was some way up the stairs to the second floor. ‘Mister, you go?’ Gurdjieff inquired. Crowley assented. ‘You have been guest?’ – a fact which the visitor could hardly deny. ‘Now you go, you are no longer guest?’ Crowley – no doubt wondering whether his host had lost his grip on reality and was wandering in a semantic wilderness – humored his mood by indicating that he was on his way back to Paris. But Gurdjieff, having made the point that he was not violating the canons of hospitality, changed on the instant into the embodiment of righteous anger. ‘You filthy,’ he stormed, ‘you dirty inside! Never again you set foot in my house!’ From his vantage point on the stairs, he worked himself up into a rage which quite transfixed his watching pupils. Crowley was stigmatized as the sewer of creation …. Whitefaced and shaking, the Great Best crept back to Paris with his tail between his legs.”

But I know of Gurdjieff that I have read his writings and do not approve. Although Gurdjieff exercises show a certain insight.

Not so much as the Serbs had. They made the mistake of having hope. They threwover that nasty Milosevic man, football hooligans and a man in a tractor storming parliament, but that was a mistake. Kosovo is now a narco state, and an independant one. Another link to Nazis, there are so many of those it gets tiresome to recount, but Kosovo was once a Serb province full of Serbs, then came the well-known genocidalists and it's now 90% Kosovo and open to use as a drug transhipment point. So it goes. They thought they would finally be free, as Thucydides says, but as with those freed by the Spartans the hope was delusory.

I'm shaking, I shake the spear before your eyes
Well if you know your history, you will read between lines
If youre waiting for a vision, to illuminate your mind
To leave this world of misery, to leave it all behind
-- "Grateful when you're Dead", Kula Shaker

You may have noticed, I've had enough of Dutroux. "Shaka, when the walls fell", to quote the immediately following programme on the other side.

More lyrics, I thinkingtons.

Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye

Dead dogs. Much as I regret it, this brings me back to one Mister Aquino, and his like. Click "Great Satan" on right side of page for information, on the links between cultic sacrifices and the Canis genus. Mostly alsatians and dobermans. Imagine my surprise, then, to hear of the finding of a vial of ricin in a Vegas hotel room. With a dead dog. Hasn't been widely reported, heard it on the interweb, not the usual government pattern. Terrorist strategy, talk for fear. Announce the terrorist acts, whether true or not, to afear peoples.

No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women
No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder its dark
Everyone around me is a total stranger
Everyone avoids me like a psyched lone-ranger everyone
Thats why Im turning japanese
I think Im turning japanese
I really think so

Da da de da da da da.

More than enough for one day.