Monday, 22 September 2008

An Inconvenient Truth (Not That One)

There are uncomfortable facts for the comfortable masses. George Bush provides a number of them.

The rumour that he was involved in a cult massacre in Matamoros might have been an Onion spoof, but the best satire is closest to reality. Bush is a blood thirsty killer and during his time heading the judicial murder apparatus in Texas he only spared one man. He would go out of his way to see that mentally defective and probably innocent men were killed. But Henry Lee Lucas was part of a satanic cult. He was also a serial killer. He was the one beneficiary of Bush's occasional conscience.

Margie Schoedinger certainly wasn't a satanic cultist, she was a black woman from Texas. She claimed George Bush raped her and she took it to court. You won't have heard of this because the media which spent so much time on Clinton's spent semen mysteriously avoided this case. If they'd paid attention it could have been difficult for the man who put the mental back in Fundamentalist to explain it away. Luckily she conveniently died before her pernicious lies could besmirch the gleaming armour of God long ago donned by our intrepid hero.

I understand that standard practice during criminal investigations is to investigate the known acquaintances of the prime suspect. Something seems to have gone wrong in the biggest investigation in the history of the law enforcement profession. No-one checked what the bin Laden clan were up to while their brother was living a life of crime. But why should they, they've had no contact for years, as we've repeatedly been told. Hardly since the days when the bin Laden Group's favourite architect was designing the World Trade Centre. The witnesses who saw family members at one of Osama's many weddings are obviously mistaken.

Therefore it's irrelevant that Osama's brother was in a meeting with George Bush's dad, George Bush, at the time of the attack. And equally the heads of the House and Senate intelligence oversight commitees spending the same minutes in a meeting with the head of the Pakistani intelligence service, which was later found to have wired Mohammed Atta $100,000 in the lead up to the attack, is irrelevant. Just a coincidence. Not even that, as the CIA can have had no possible involvement. They don't do terrorism, after all. That's what the black hats do. Like those communists in Italy in the 70s.

Still, death seems to travel in the wake of the Bush lads. The Bushes must have been vexed when Barry Seal claimed to have video of Jeb and George II offloading Cocaine from an aeroplane. That's libel. Unless it's true, of course. It's a pity the truth will never be known. Barry Seal was killed very soon after the filming took place, proving that insurance policies are never there when you need them. That's what happens when you're in bed with drug dealers. It's also a pity that the FBI broke the law by commandeering the documents and videos Seal stashed in the boot of his car.

And while it's fortunate the FBI happened to be passing by at the time of Seal's death, it's very unfortunate that they managed to let the evidence slip through their hands. If you see any of it, contact your local field agent.

There's a whiff and more of the pervy about the Bush family. Even by the standards of modern political elites they can't shake the rumours of pederasty and paedophilia.

This goes back a long way and is a big scandal that never broke out.

A certain Craig Spence, later found dead in mysterious circumstances, was procuring boys from an institution know as Boystown USA. His contact there was Larry King, top black republican and later convicted fraudster. Fraud and paedophilia, along with terrorism and drug dealing, tend to go together. Follow the money. But don't follow Woodward. Why Spence felt the need to fuck little kids is unknown. How he managed to recruit so many high level politicos into his scheme is unknown. Can't be wise to go over to a Senator in his office and ask if he likes certainly secret pleasures.

His parties featured plenty of innocent people. The guilty stayed behind at the end and had their fun. Some of it was filmed for blackmail purposes. Sometimes for the CIA. Sometimes of foreigners, sometimes not. Sometimes the kids disappeared.

Johnny Gosch disappeared. No-one is known to have seen him from then on. However a man contacted the boy's mother claiming to be the, now grown, boy. This man a certain Gannon, aka Guckert, was a journalist in the White House press corp. Well, almost. He was actually given a special pass to avoid security checks. He was a plant by the Administration to ask bush-friendly questions. He got the midnight tours of the White House, like those little catamite lads all those years ago. He was there the same two nights as Tony Blair. Who knows where the Bush administration found him. Possibly on his website, He was a rent boy. For the second generation a Bush have taken the White House and filled it with man-whores.

The End Of Communist Inevitability

In 1843 a book called the whig interpretation of history was published. It was very tapped into the zetigeist. The basic theme was the moral superiority of the English civilisation of the time. Not only was then-present society better than anything that had gone before, it was the best things could ever be. Nothing could improve on Anglicanism and constitutional monarchy. All that remained was for the rest of the world to catch up. This was what history had long been building towards.

Things had suffered a slight backwards step in the dark ages, but otherwise history had been a tale of progression from them to now. This is the Whig Interpretation of History: that history is going somewhere, and that somewhere is here.

This theory fell apart with the fall of the peaceful nineteenth century liberalism. But the core idea survived. History isn't just the tale of what was, but a process by which we approach a distinct goal. The early socialists, including Marx, believed their triumph was a historical inevitability. They had a better system and people would eventually wake up and embrace it.

The idea survives today, having outlived Liberalism and Communism. Another book has become its most famous expression, "The End of History" by Francis Fuck-ya-ma, State Department operative. Back to the nineteenth century liberalism. But this time there was a difference. There was no true belief behind Fukuyama. His book wasn't a statement of belief, but a statement of intent.

The intent was to eliminate all alternatives to the economic orthodoxy. The new interpretation of history was the old interpretation of history. The Whig interpretation. History was going somewhere again, but not into communism or Anglicanism. Now it was going, and had always been going, into capitalism and facade democracy.

But this isn't the way of history. History is not going anywhere. History is not a tale of progress but of conflict.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Return of the ancient evil

"Then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy. Then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom."